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They Did It!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

It's a (th/m)emed puzzle! I had this idea during some down time and decided to fire up Crossfire. I managed to find some good themers, find a good themer arrangement, and fill a grid I was happy with, all in the span of a few hours. Then life caught up with me again and it took me like a month to finish cluing this. Whoops! Guess I'm just wAcKy like that!!! 🤪🤪

Normally I hold myself to very high standards when it comes to puzzles, but this one definitely has a more slapdash feel to it. There's nothing bad about it, of course, but I didn't take the time to explore each and every branch in the tree of possibilities for themer arrangement/fill options. And I think that's okay! There's value in obsessively refining a grid to perfection, obviously, but sometimes it's fun to just sketch out a silly idea and set it free into the world.

Shoutout to Paolo Pasco for confirming that this theme idea hadn't been done before! This puzzle is completely un-playtested, so (as always but especially this time) let me know if there's anything in need of fixing!

Finally, as is customary in my puzzles apparently, I conclude this write-up by telling you to go check out some Thing I reference in one of the clues. This time, the artist at 44D. This song is not from the album mentioned, but it's one of my favorites. Absolute jammer. (SPOILERS, obviously).

They Did It!
Download PDF • 164KB


Not much Behind the Scenes content to share this time around, just an alternate version of the grid that I made because I thought I could optimize for better bonus entries and fewer 3-letter words. I could not. The bonuses are better, and there are fewer 3s, but the rest of the fill suffers as a result.



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