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Peter Broda's Wordlist
Every constructor needs a good wordlist. This is perhaps the best free option out there.
Another fantastic free wordlist carefully curated by Brooke & Enrique
My Personal word/Seed List
A small collection of custom additions to my wordlist, updated regularly
XWordInfo Finder
Search every New York Times crossword for any given letter pattern, and see every clue ever written for every word
New York Times submission & PDF formatter - nam jin Yoon
No need to worry about formatting your NYT submission, this web applet by Nam Jin Yoon takes care of everything
Crosserville - Jesse Goldberg
Using the free version of Crossfire and can't export? Among many other things, this program allows free .puz exports
Wordlisted - Adam Aaronson
Search your own wordlist for any given letter pattern, plus letter banks, letter replacements, anagrams, and more
Dupe Checker - Alex Boisvert
Upload your .puz file and this little gadget will check for dupes between grid answers and clues
Wikipedia Regex Search - Alex Boisvert
Great for finding things that may not be in your wordlist
Expanded Crossword Name Database - Erica Hsiung Wojcik
Crowdsourced list of names of women, non-binary, trans, and/or people of color
Search over 1,000 dictionaries for words/phrases matching any given letter pattern
dCode Anagram Generator
Finds lots of anagram options for any given letter input, especially useful for constructing cryptic crosswords
dCode Letter Changer
Find possible substitutes for undesired entries in your puzzle by changing as few letters as possible
Crossword Grid Search - Joseph Robidoux
Find completed grid layouts from the New York Times given specific placements of black/white squares
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